Leave it to Cleaver Sunday June 18: Daniel Dye

Daniel Dye, an Ohio native, spent a good part of the last decade writing songs as he backpacked his way around the world, living in China, Germany, and Poland. After returning to the U.S., he began jamming with the musical Miller siblings, (who also just Image result for daniel dye musicianhappen to be his nephews and nieces), bringing their sensibilities as young musicians to his own tunes. Over time, family sing-a-longs and weekly gigs at a farm market began growing into something more serious. The Millers, classically trained in the cello, viola, and violin, added a more sophisticated sound to Dye’s guitar and harmonica. The banjo, mandolin, and cajon were soon mixed in and the Miller Road Band was officially formed.

Dye has released two albums, “Daniel Dye featuring the Miller Road Band”  (Dec. 2010) and “Blinded Again” (March 2014). Both have been well-received in central/southwest Ohio with radio airplay on NPR affiliates 91.3 WYSO (Dayton) and 90.5 WCBE (Columbus). His other releases include “Back to Ohio” (2017) , a digital EP,  and “Home Sessions”, which is a new-song-every-month project. Dye is also the co-founder of Madden Road Music Festival, located on his family farm in Central Ohio.

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday June 11 Features Mariah Cain

I met Mariah several years ago when she was a student in my yoga class at IU East. She has just started to perform-having sung at Taffy’s Open Mic last Thursday! This will be her radio debut…and Leave it to Cleaver’s happy to have her as a guest. She sent me a bio which you can read somewhat like a poem:)



Mariah Cain

23 years old !

Full time nursing student, I graduate next year May 2018

Works at New Boswell Brewery

Loves BBQ

                                               Loves Water (AKA Cancer sign)

                                            Enjoyed Steven’s Yoga class

                                                           Cat mom to Miss Washington and Aletta

                                                 I hike or run every single day.

                                                I paint and have recently started sculpting in my free time

Sam I Am Is my Main Man

                                    And while every female on earth loses bobby pins I lose wine openers.

I support all love !

I lose my mind when I see dogs because I love them so much



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Yoga and Mindfulness Classes This Summer

Image result for yoga steve cleaver

I will be facilitating classes in Richmond for June and much of July. Here are the times and locations:


Gentle Yoga: 7AM Earlham College Wellness Center

Mindfulness 6-7PM Morrison Reeves Library. 4 weeks. Starts June 5.


Gentle Yoga: 5PM Earlham College Wellness Center


Gentle Yoga: 7AM Earlham College Wellness Center


Gentle Yoga: 5PM Earlham College Wellness Center

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