Leave it to Cleaver Sunday June 11 Features Mariah Cain

I met Mariah several years ago when she was a student in my yoga class at IU East. She has just started to perform-having sung at Taffy’s Open Mic last Thursday! This will be her radio debut…and Leave it to Cleaver’s happy to have her as a guest. She sent me a bio which you can read somewhat like a poem:)



Mariah Cain

23 years old !

Full time nursing student, I graduate next year May 2018

Works at New Boswell Brewery

Loves BBQ

                                               Loves Water (AKA Cancer sign)

                                            Enjoyed Steven’s Yoga class

                                                           Cat mom to Miss Washington and Aletta

                                                 I hike or run every single day.

                                                I paint and have recently started sculpting in my free time

Sam I Am Is my Main Man

                                    And while every female on earth loses bobby pins I lose wine openers.

I support all love !

I lose my mind when I see dogs because I love them so much



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