Leave it to Cleaver Sunday September 10 : Anmol Lamichhane

“Anmol Lamichhane is a senior Physics and Mathematics major at Earlham. He is originally from Pokhara, a beautiful valley in the laps of Himalayas in western Nepal. He plays the guitar, drum-set and piano/keyboard and a couple other Nepali traditional instruments. He also produces electronic music and usually loves to fuse traditional acoustic music/sounds with electronic music. At Earlham loves to get together with friends and jam in a free form style. On music research side, he’s been involved in a project for developing a motion tracking system for live musical performance, using the Kinect system from Xbox to track gestures and transform them into musical forms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKuM3kx34fY (here’s Forrest performing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7abn2S4ODtY ).

Besides music, he is deeply interested in understanding the mysteries of the universe through the lens of theoretical physic and mathematics.”

Music recordings from  soundcloud:

Description (copied from soundcloud) :

” This experimental type song was composed, recorded and mixed on New Year’s eve, 2017. Recorded on a somewhat s*#@ty  microphone. lol ;)”
Description (copied from soundcloud): “A rock-electronica fusion music.
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