Leave it to Cleaver Guest Sunday November 26th: Ben Clark-Potter and Owner of Queen City Clay

I have wanted to have Ben on the radio show for over a year. Why?

Well, he’s a talented artist (of the clay realm) but he also has a great sense of humor-which is, I think, a perfect combination to be a guest on my show.


Ben is not only a talented artist but he is the owner (and chatterbox) of Queen City Clay which defines itself as a clay education center reaching more than 2500 youth and adult students each year.

Queen City Clay is a place where people can rediscover their own importance in the creative community. In this space shared ideas and skills help keep the community inspired and relevant. Younger people come to learn a skill, a trade, an art form too valuable to lose. Through this, people become problem solvers. They also get contact with people from all ages and background. In a world reliant on technology, we’re giving people a space to physically create and relate to others.

Clay City Pottery just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they raised over $25,000 to buy a more cost effective and energy efficient kiln. Here is info on that project.


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