Leave it to Cleaver Sunday January 21: Music at the Meltdown

On Saturday, January 27th, come snow, rain or sleet, music will be available as part of the Richmond Meltdown

I will be featuring the music of the participating artists in order to entice you to come watch them perform.

Here are the performing artists:

  • 1:00pm @ Morrisson-Reeves Library: Megan Eversole. Megan is a relative unknown to me as far as music goes, but she comes highly recommended by Joe “Achilles Tenderloin” Augustin. She will kick off the music at MRL.


  • 1:45pm @ The Innovation Center: Patchwork Moonlight  I have witnessed a performance by Patchwork Moonlight at New Boswells-but hey, why take my word–have a listen:
  • 2:30pm @ Table Top: Joe Augustin  What can I say about Joe “Achilles Tenderloin” Augustin. He’s been an important fixture in the Richmond music scene (as well as elsewhere), a guest on my show and an amazing coordinator of music opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing the Tabel Top turned into a performance space.
  • 3:00pm @ Lifted Church (formerly Veaches): Eric Loy Eric Loy has been a constant on the local scene for a long time. His energetic renditions of classic make him a unique performer and the perfect artist to open the “Space formerly known as Veaches”
  • 3:30pm @ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: Charles Ramsey  Richmond’s prodigal son, Charles Ramsey, returned in 2014 and since then has built a strong resume of performances. He engages audiences with his Musical Meditation. Whether as a solo artist or part of Sonic Jelly Quasar, he is not to be missed!
  • fantasia no. 11, luis milan


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