This is Richmond – Submit your music to become part of a local album

I’m pretty excited about this project by the Richmond Musician’s Association. The goal is to put together an album of local artists and to give those artists exposure-through the album, radio and television profiles and performance opportunities.

Chris Robinson, who is leading this project, asked me why I do my radio show. I told him that providing space and voice for artists inspires and challenges me in my own creative  process. Listening to music and stories of local artists gives me space to breath in a world that seems to want to suffocate with endless negativity. I recall a story about Czechoslovakia, in which I believe Vaclav Havel said that it was the arts (and perhaps humor) that kept the people’s souls alive during the oppressive times. Of course, we are not in such doubtful times, but that does not lessen the necessity for artists to create and voice their work.

So please submit your music to the RMA. If you get on the album, you will be interviewed on my radio show, on Phil Quinn’s and on WCTV-and who knows what else may happen..!

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