January 23: 8 Week Mindfulness Mediation Class starts at Journey Yoga. $75

February 4: 1PM Intro to Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop at Living Pathways        Free

March 11: Spirituality Gathering at Earlham School of Religion

Exploring the Landscape Within Our Body Through Yoga Practices

We often journey seeking holy places. We visit churches and temples and admire spiritual places in the world. But how often do we journey into the landscape and the world of our own body? How do we establish sovereignty and sanctuary there? In this workshop we start to explore awareness of our bodies though asana and then journey within through a practice of yoga nidra. While this is an active workshop, all are welcome and there is no prerequisite other than the willingness and desire to explore the landscape within your own being.



Steven Cleaver is available to do workshops that can be tailored to fit your group’s unique needs. Steven is a certified K-12 teacher and has presented workshops at state and regional conferences as well as for school groups, churches, camps, and groups of aspiring authors. In the past he has led writing classes for the staff  and R& R participants of the Omega Institute for the Holistic Studies, located in Rhinebeck, NY. He has given workshops at Friends General Conference, The Brooklyn Book Festival and at Earlham School of Religion’s Writers Colloquium and Spirituality Conference. Steven’s workshop repertoire consists of the following programs:

  • Humor as Ministry
  • Writing Your Story: Healing through Fiction
  • The Spiritual Practice of Writing
  • Finding Your Voice: Poetry for Beginners
  • Writing about Spaces

Steve is available to do book signings, radio talks, and to meet with book clubs. He would love to talk more about Saving Erasmus. Steven can be contacted at: or by dropping a note in a washing machine. The first method is appreciated as notes get soggy and hard to read.

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