Leave it to Cleaver Welcomes Author Kate Glen on April 23

Kathryn Clare Glen attended Knox College where she learned to temper her penchant for fantasy literature with a health dose of Regency and Lost Generation novels.  When in this world, she teaches English, Mathematics, and French all the while running an independent bookstore (Two Sisters) with her much put-upon sister. 

Her first novel is:

The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway (The Misadventures Trilogy Book 1).


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This Sunday April 16 on Leave it to Cleaver: Author Lisa Combs and Illustrator Pam Fraizer of Best Friend Books

Lisa Combs is a teacher, instruction/behavior specialist, educational consultant, and president of Combs Educational Consulting, Ltd., based in Greenville, Ohio. She has a 28 year career supporting children with special needs, their educational teams, and their families. She is also a university instructor, helping a new generation of teachers become accomplished in supporting children with special needs. She is a longtime yoga and meditation practitioner and has her teaching certification in both.

 You can learn more about
Lisa at her website: http://www.lisacombsconsulting.com

 Visit Lisa’s author’s page on Amazon

Pam Fraizer is a graphic artist, illustrator, and owner of FraizerDesigns, LLC.  With almost 30 years experience, Pam has worked with many regional and national organizations, including ACLU of Indiana, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Indiana Women’s Fund, RecycleForce Inc.,

Richmond Civic Theatre, Richmond Shakespeare Festival, and The Starr Gennett Foundation.

To learn more about Pam Fraizer’s work, visit her website at: http://www.fraizerdesigns.org

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Leave it to Cleaver Sunday April 9th: Jef Reynolds and KT Lowe

What can we say about a guy with a photo like that? Jef Reynolds is a one of a kind performer and promoter..a man who wants to build community and who has supported and known some amazing musicians. He will be joined by the poetic talents of KT Lowe.

Here’s a little bio of Jef from his Facebook page:

*Backed 60’s stars Lesley Gore,Lou Christie,Martha Reeves,The Crystals,Danny and the Jr’s,The Coasters, Little Eva, Freddy”Boom-Boom”Cannon, Archie Bell, Fabian, Billy J.Kramer,The Tokens,Alex Chilton,Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special Road Show. Drummer on those shows was Tommy Clufetos (now with Black Sabbath). *Learned from a stable of Detroit jazz musicians (Funk brother Joe Messina, Ralph Armstrong, Mike Karoub, Wendell Harrison, RJ Spangler) *Replaced Jervonny Collier (Gladys Knight) as member of Shivers(A&M Records in the 80s). *On-call session player for Ron Rose, Cloudborne, & Producers Color Service Studios.*On early productions of songwriters Michael King+Gary Nester. *On CDs with Jo Serrapere, Kitty Donohoe, ML Liebler, David Nefesh, Ron English, Rev. Robert Jones, Alberts Adams, RJ Spangler, Wendell Harrison. *Worked with legendary Stax writer Sir Mack Rice.

During her talk on “Chocolate in Mesoamerica”

A little info about KT Lowe from her website:

“I like to know how stuff works, how objects came to be, how we learn and why we’re sure of what we know (or, rather, how much of it I could know personally). I also like to live my life with an engaging soundtrack, a feline fellow traveler, a good stack o’books and magnificent chocolate. A decent pair of black sneakers always helps.”

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