Steve Cleaver

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Hello. You have arrived at the website of Steve Cleaver.
Funny thing about the word cleave-it means to bring together and to take apart.
Guess I do a bit of both in an effort to make a bit of sense of this world.
I am an author, playwright, poet, songwriter and teacher.
I host a weekly radio show called Leave it to Cleaver.

If you have come to be entertained, keep reading
If you have come for enlightenment, look within.

Saving Erasmus

Saving Erasmus was published in 2007 by Paraclete Press.  The book tells the humorous tale of Andrew, a reluctant prophet who is called to save the  town of Erasmus by an Angel of Death who he meets climbing out of a washing machine.

The book received awards:

  • Best Christian Fiction by Library Journal
  • Best Christian Fiction by Publishers Weekly
  • Original Voice by Borders Books

Leave it to Cleaver

Leave it to Cleaver is a weekly radio show that focuses on Philadelphia artists, musicians, poets, writers and visionaries as well as to the collected and eclectic people I have met on my journeys. My vision is to provide uplifting and creative works that inspire, challenge and make people laugh.

The Story of the Orange Shoelace

Once upon a time, I purchased a pair of adequate hiking sneakers. One shoelace slowly started to unravel until one observer named it as Rastafarian in looks. I decided to replace it as it was now no longer functional and I bought a pair of new day glow orange laces. I replaced the unraveled lace but kept the other as it continued to perform it’s duties. I received many comments and some people experienced anxiety at what appeared to be an imperfect situation. For my part I was just being practical. It was a fascinating opportunity to witness what reactions are invoked by something that appears out of order in the realm of “how things should be”. Frankly, I have never fit into how people “should” or “must” be, and only found it painful when I tried and try to be someone I am not.