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Amelia Earhart Found…ALIVE!!!

Amelia Earhart found ALIVE in Atchison, Kansas! Comes forward to claim oldest woman alive award Thursday (LITC) A woman claiming to be Amelia Earhart has come forward in Atchison, Kansas and is claiming to not only be the famous aviator, but as such the oldest woman in the world. Leave it to Cleaver Press has uncovered the startling fact that aviator Amelia Earhart did not die in the South Pacific as is sometimes hypothesized, but rather became homesick and return to the city of her birth. “I just got homesick,” the claimant has stated. “I didn’t realize it would create so much controversy, and so rather than deal with that, I just stayed put. No one was looking for me in Kansas. No on ever looks for anything in Kansas, except basketball players.” When asked as to why she is coming forward now, the woman answered, “I read a newspaper … Continue reading

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